1/2 lb. Swif 95 Solder & Flux Paste (w/ brush)

• Lead-free 95/5 tin-antimony solder combined with highly effective flux in a stable paste form for brush-on applications
• Fluxes, tins and solders in one easy money saving operation, minimizing application and prep time
• Joins a wide assortment of metals including copper, brass, zinc, tin, lead, galvanized and black iron, steel, and some grades of stainless steel
• Makes 3 to 4 times as many joints as an equal weight of wire solder plus flux
• Eliminates wasted solder
• When properly applied, swif 95 does not drip
• Shear strength is 40% higher than 50/50
• Ideal for applications where temperature, pressure and vibration may be encountered
• Flux meets Spec. CID. A-A51145 and is non-corroding after joint is properly made
• Recommended for potable water and for food piping and processing lines. Conforms to ASTM B485. Swif 95 is also a highly effective tinning flux