100 Gallon Gas/ Natural Gas Water Heater 6 Year Warrantee
A. O. Smith

• Dynaclean diffuser dip tube - helps reduce lime and sediment buildup, maximizes hot water output. Made from long lasting PEX cross-linked polymer.
• Green Choice gas burner - patented "Eco-Friendly" design reduces NOx emissions by up to 33% and complies with less than 40 ng/j requirements for NOx emissions.
• Coregard aluminum anode
• Push-button Piezo ignitor - makes lighting pilot fast and easy with one-hand push-button spark ignition
• Durable tamper-resistant brass drain valve
• Thick CFC-free foam insulation -improves efficiency
• Permaglas glass coating -protects steel tank from rust
• CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve -top-mounted T&P relief valve